Riddhisha Patil
Digital Marketing Manager

Catherine’s coaching was really impactful. It gave me tremendous confidence, recharged me and uplifted by mindset. I keep going back to our conversations, self-affirming and you are in my thoughts time and time again.

Andy Perrin
Athabasca University
Associate Vice President Research

My coaching experience pushed me to move from ideas into action. At times this meant gaining confidence in my existing expertise and experience. In others, it meant cultivating new relationships and exploring uncharted directions. I highly recommend Catherine as a coach for anyone looking to bridge initiative into opportunities

Bart Given
Torque Strategies
Managing Director

The Leaders Collective is exceptionally curated, bringing together remarkable individuals who share common values and objectives – yet have unique perspectives. Gathering with a cohort who understands my challenges, but pushes me to think beyond my own leadership tendencies, has been immensely valuable in a tumultuous 2020.

Marten Youseff
Director of Communications

Catherine and Colin saw that there is a need for leaders across different sectors to exchange notes and learn from each other’s experiences. They were able to curate an environment for a respectful and thought-provoking exchange of ideas. I left the Communications Collective wanting more and was able to apply what I learned from other leaders in my own environment. There has been a real absence of this in the communications market and it takes someone who knows the industry intimately to launch it.

Jasmine Bradley
E-Comm 911
Director, Corporate Communications

Being part of the Leaders Collective continues to provide me with insights and inspiration that help shape who I am as a communications professional and influence the strategies I develop for my organization. During a time when our world is being stretched and challenged, the people-first approach Catherine and Colin take when facilitating our group discussions help participants discover new ways of showing up as leaders.

April van Ert
BC Real Estate Association
Head of Communications

Leadership means bringing out the best in others. Catherine and Colin are true leaders, helping their clients tap into their own potential, so they in turn can become leaders in their own organizations.

Autumn Brown
Electronic Arts
Senior Director and Business Lead – Subscription

Colin’s approach to coaching is insightful, thoughtful and genuine. I look forward to our meetings and leave each one with new tools and techniques. He listens – really listens – and provides guidance tailored to each situation, gives examples for context, and asks thought-provoking questions to drive clarity. I highly value my time with Colin and appreciate his expertise.

Brianne Riehl
Navius Research
Communications Manager

Colin thoughtfully and passionately led me through the “Designing Your Life” approach and helped to bring a new, transformative perspective to the way I think about work and life. As a coach, Colin is kind, present and patient, but is not afraid to push you when needed. He guided me through exploring big questions about career development, as well as navigating smaller daily challenges, and was a valuable source of wisdom and insight for me during a job transition. His natural honesty and authenticity encourage others to be the same and create a welcoming and effective atmosphere for personal growth.