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April van Ert
Justice Institute of British Columbia
VP Brand, Communications & Engagement

Leadership means bringing out the best in others. Catherine and Colin are true leaders, helping their clients tap into their own potential, so they in turn can become leaders in their own organizations.

Emi Hashimoto
Skybox Labs
Vice-President, People and Culture

We have been partnering with Fluency Leadership for the past few years for our Leadership Programs, including multi-month People Manager Programs as well as Team Coaching for our leadership group. Catherine and Colin are absolute gems to work with. Coaching is a big part of the Skybox culture, and their coach approach to leadership and professional development along with their extensive knowledge of our space has been invaluable to our People Leaders. The learning space they create has provided us with just-in-time training and practice to lead and navigate effectively in this climate of the ever-changing “way we work.”

Kristin Linklater
Simon Fraser University
Associate Vice President, Communications & Marketing

As the Communications & Marketing team at SFU successfully completed a five-year reputation strategy and started to look to what was next for us, we knew we had an opportunity to level up. Core to that work has been leadership development training, team coaching, and individual coaching through Fluency Leadership. Through this collaborative partnership with Fluency, we have strengthened each individual’s contribution as well as our team’s ability to contribute to meaningful change at SFU.

Alexis Bodard
Amazon Prime Gaming
Head of Marketing Communications

At a time of career exploration, Colin’s coaching helped me gain clarity on my professional needs. We worked together on identifying both blockers and opportunities which resulted in me embracing what’s next with a serene and confident mindset. The skillset I appreciated the most was the crisp feedback that resonated strongly with me. Colin had previous experience in a similar industry and was able to relate in a very concrete way.

Shannon Kidd
Vancouver Airport Authority
Director, Marketing, Partnerships & Advertising

The Future Ready Leaders Collective is the bomb. As the complex world of business and leadership continues to serve up the unexpected, our ability to navigate, innovate and lead ourselves and our teams has never been more critical. Cath and Colin are expert facilitators, and the content has been fresh, relevant, and engaging, providing many tools to equip us for the future. Sharing the experience with a cohort of marketing and communications professionals adds to the collective in a meaningful way. Highly recommend!

Elaine O’Connor

I came to Fluency Leadership looking for a life raft. What I found was a fresh leadership path. I had a brand new role leading a just-hired team in a barely-launched start-up at the dawn of the era of COVID-19 remote work. I knew traditional corporate management wasn’t the answer. I was searching for a more adaptable, authentic model, plus advice to help me manage in the moment and dig deeper as a learner and leader. Catherine Ducharme’s warm, compassionate coaching style, her vast communications expertise, insightful assessments, holistic listening and sense of humour helped me grow rapidly over several months while leading through intensive change. Catherine provided a master-class in self-knowledge, values-driven leadership and personal development. Her unique leadership assessment tools, professional development resources and genuine investment in my journey helped me solidify my values and focus more clearly on my future as a catalyst and coach.

Grace Shyng

After working for the same employer for almost three decades, I suddenly found myself outplaced. Lost and confused, I heard about Catherine Ducharme and Fluency through a colleague. From our initial meeting, Catherine was a calm, compassionate voice on a lifeboat guiding me through a storm of internal muddled thoughts and advice that came from all directions. Catherine helped me sift through the background noise and steer me through the clouds to find clarity and purpose. She is a considerate, non-judgemental and engaged listener. Her questions were open, patient, and thought-provoking and helped me to look at my situations and experiences through different lenses. Sometimes in your life, you need an objective and astute coach to help you find stable ground, built upon your core strengths and values. For me, that was Catherine and with her help, I embraced a journey of self-discovery and uncovered resilience. Today, I’m living a life with greater fulfillment – that difficult detour in my career has led me towards a much brighter path – and has revealed opportunities that were always there, but I hadn’t paid attention. I am so grateful I met Catherine when I did. I highly recommend Catherine and her professional coaching services. She will help you get back on track to start your next chapter.

Jasmine Bradley
Vancouver Art Gallery
Director, Strategic Communications and Branding

The Fluency team has been instrumental in helping me to successfully navigate my transition into senior leadership roles. Through probing but respectful questions, Colin and Catherine have taught me the value in accepting and being comfortable with challenges and opportunities in front of me – allowing me to approach my work in a new, energized and inspired way. Together, we’ve created a roadmap for me as a leader in my current role, but also in terms of my broader professional growth and development.

Brianne Riehl
Navius Research
Managing Director

Colin thoughtfully and passionately led me through the “Designing Your Life” approach and helped to bring a new, transformative perspective to the way I think about work and life. As a coach, Colin is kind, present and patient, but is not afraid to push you when needed. He guided me through exploring big questions about career development, as well as navigating smaller daily challenges, and was a valuable source of wisdom and insight for me during a job transition. His natural honesty and authenticity encourage others to be the same and create a welcoming and effective atmosphere for personal growth.

Autumn Brown
Electronic Arts
VP of Digital Partners and Subscription

Colin’s approach to coaching is insightful, thoughtful and genuine. I look forward to our meetings and leave each one with new tools and techniques. He listens – really listens – and provides guidance tailored to each situation, gives examples for context, and asks thought-provoking questions to drive clarity. I highly value my time with Colin and appreciate his expertise.

Bart Given
TTG Canada

The Leaders Collective is exceptionally curated, bringing together remarkable individuals who share common values and objectives – yet have unique perspectives. Gathering with a cohort who understands my challenges, but pushes me to think beyond my own leadership tendencies, has been immensely valuable.

Marten Youseff
UBC Okanagan
Associate Vice-President, University Relations

Catherine and Colin saw that there is a need for leaders across different sectors to exchange notes and learn from each other’s experiences. They were able to curate an environment for a respectful and thought-provoking exchange of ideas. I left the Communications Collective wanting more and was able to apply what I learned from other leaders in my own environment. There has been a real absence of this in the communications market and it takes someone who knows the industry intimately to launch it.

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