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We are marketing + communications experts and business leaders that, over the course of our parallel careers, developed a strong sense of mutual admiration and respect. In pursuit of our higher purpose, we each made the shift to the leadership development and coaching space in the latest chapters of our careers. All our experience, training, focus, and intention has led us to this place where we can authentically and purposefully help communications, marketing and creative leaders and teams learn and grow.

Colin Macrae

Colin is an action-driven, people-focused marketing and communications leader and coach/facilitator who has worked across a full spectrum of industries. His experience has been shaped over his 25-year career in the marketing and communications field and brought to a full global scale and learning through almost 15 years in leadership roles at Electronic Arts. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Certified Leadership Coach, Colin works with leaders and marketers who embrace an outcome-oriented, positive, and human-centric approach to personal development and growth. He supports a range of clients in understanding and nurturing their personal brand, growing their superpowers in communications and leadership presence, and creating strategies that help them get unprecedented fulfillment inside and outside of work.  His commitment is to an authentic, humour-infused, and purposefully intimate approach that propels clients to outcomes that matter. Colin is a Certified Leadership Versatility Index 360 Facilitator, helping senior leaders grow their self-awareness and effectiveness through this industry-leading 360 tool. He is a Certified Inclusion Coach and is committed to allowing those he works with to show up with their full, authentic identities. Colin is also a Certified Designing Your Life Coach. This best-selling book and program take a design-based approach to building a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Connect with Colin.

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