Transform and Future-Proof Your Leadership

Introducing Fluency's Future-Ready Leaders Collective, a unique 9-month leadership learning experience for Senior Communications and Marketing Leaders.

The program is designed for Senior Communication and Marketing Leaders who want to:

  • Have confidence leading now and into the future
  • Drive better business results
  • Get clarity on their vision, purpose, and leadership brand
  • Elevate and expand leadership capacity through new behaviours
  • Build high-performing teams
  • Unlock the potential and self-sufficiency of team members
  • Navigate themselves and teams through ambiguity, uncertainty, and change
  • Learn and grow with peers who share similar challenges

About the Future-Ready Leaders Collective

Leadership Has Changed

Over the past three years, leadership has become exponentially more challenging in an age of disruption where uncertainty is perpetual, change is constant, work is distributed, and complexity is real.

At Fluency, we are fortunate to collaborate with many growth-minded leaders in the communications, marketing and creative spaces, both here in BC and across the world. Because this decade has been the most challenging of times, conversations with diverse groups of leaders have been deep and powerful. While we've witnessed breakthrough leadership moments, we've also witnessed leaders who've struggled with doubt, isolation, diminished confidence, and uncertainty about how to show up and move forward in this new landscape.

Many leaders have lost sight of their vision and even their purpose.

How ready are you to lead through this brave, new, uncertain, and distributed environment?

Today's work world demands new skills and new ways of leading and thinking. More than ever, leaders are expected to be highly self-aware, adaptable, emotionally tuned-in and communicative.

In short, leaders need a New Language of Leadership.

Learning that new language requires a commitment to growth and transformation, expanding our perspectives, and mastering new behaviours to be the fully expressed leaders we are capable of being.

This program is for growth-minded Senior Communications and Marketing Leaders who:

  • Are working full-time in a leadership capacity in an organization. 
  • Have experience setting vision and leading teams. 
  • Have experience working with Senior Leadership Teams. 
  • Have budget and people management responsibility.

Our commitment is to curate a quality cohort of peers who bring relatable skills, unique experiences and diverse perspectives that expand our thinking and learning. The goal is co-elevation and learning together. 

We will limit the enrollment to a maximum of 12 people, which is an ideal number for engaged learning, discussion, and collaboration.  

We are committed to building a diverse cohort where all identities (race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical ability) feel welcome and where people can bring their whole selves to the learning experience. We know the best cohorts are ones that lean into the differences in who we are, what we've experienced, and how we think.

This online program offers three quarterly modules over a nine-month period. 

Module 1: Self-Leadership – This module creates the conditions for better Self-Leadership through Self-Awareness, Self-Management and Self-Confidence. It uses the Core Strengths 2.0 Assessment to increase self-awareness within the context of others. It also walks you through the process to define your leadership brand and re-cast your vision. 

Module 2: New Language of Leadership – This module introduces you to the New Language of Leadership, which we define in a connected framework built around five fluencies: Coach Mindset, Clarity, Communication, Adaptability and Empathy.   

Module 3: Building a High Performing Team – This module is designed to build leadership skills and know-how to build psychological safety, nurture trust, and foster healthy conversations that garner buy-in, commitment and accountability in service delivering amazing results.


The program also includes: 

  • Three Learning Integration Sessions. 
  • Three individual coaching sessions with a Certified Coach.
  • Core Strengths SDI 2.0 Assessment.
  • Optional peer-to-peer social connection time with the cohort.
  • A rich library of leadership resources and books.

We offer three quarterly modules over a nine-month period. Each quarter requires up to 16 hours of sessional time, including optional peer connection. That's less than six hours per month. The time commitment for self-study and reflection is driven by you. 

Monthly cohort sessions are three hours of learning together + one hour optional before and after time for connection, collaboration, questions and reflection.  At the end of each quarter, there is a 90-minute Learning Integration session.  

  • Clarity on your vision, purpose, leadership brand, and how you show up as a leader.
  • Insight into your motivation, conflict sequence, strengths, and overdone strengths.
  • Increased self and relational awareness to build strong relationships at work.
  • Skills and behaviours that prepare you to lead in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world.
  • How to apply coaching principles to transfer the learning and help build team self-sufficiency.
  • How to communicate with presence across all mediums in a way that captures hearts and minds.
  • Strategies and tools to navigate the tough parts of leadership as defined by the cohort.
  • Insight into what might get in the way of achieving results.
  • New connections and a strong and lasting peer learning network. 

Fluency's coach approach to learning is light on lecture and leans into curiosity, discussion, real-play, reflection, practice, and commitment to action. 

Participants learn through breakouts and group discussions where real challenges and leadership successes are shared and explored.

There are also assignments and development plans designed to build new habits, shift behaviours, apply work, and measure progress. 

  • Bring a Growth Mindset: Recognizing what you know now and where you can learn and grow.
  • Show Up: Attending a minimum of 80% of the online sessions. We know life happens and you may need to miss a session or two due to other priorities in life and work.
  • Be Present: Come to sessions on time and being fully present without distractions or competing priorities.
  • Follow Through: Invest in your learning by following through on actions, commitments, and practice.

There are hundreds of leadership programs out there, so here's a few reasons you would choose the Future-Ready Leaders Collective:

It's where we focus: We specialize in collaborating with growth-minded leaders and teams in communications and marketing. We understand the common challenges and future opportunities for leaders in these crafts.   

It's our lived experience: Both Catherine and Colin have had extensive marketing and communications careers and have led marketing + communications teams in complex organizations and at global scale.  We have deep empathy for and connection to the leaders we work with.

We created the New Language of Leadership: Our company was founded on the insight that this uncertain and ever-changing work world requires different skills, thinking, and approaches. We've created original content to drive learning.      

We know the power of coaching: Both Colin and Catherine are certified coaches and lean into inquiry, active listening, and powerful questions to drive insight and learning. Coaching skills are the new leadership superpower.      

We know connection accelerates learning: Since our inception, we've run a series of Leaders Collectives with marketing and communications leaders and know how these forums are rich space for group and experiential learning, co-elevation. We have the evidence and have witnessed the power of collaboration and cohort learning in these forums.

We would love to hear from you. Please reach out to Carolynne Gibbons at

Now Accepting Applications for Our January 2024 Cohort

How ready are you to lead through this brave, new, uncertain, and distributed environment?

We are committed to curating a high-quality cohort of peers who bring relatable skills, unique experiences, and diverse perspectives that expand our thinking and learning. Each cohort will be a maximum of 12 people.

Two Ways to Learn More

Attend a Free Information Session

Let's connect. This is an opportunity to meet us to see if you like our vibe and what we have to offer through the Future-Ready Leaders Collective. We'll answer your questions, talk pricing and will engage you in the process. Bring your curiosity, questions and enthusiasm to learn and grow with peers. Take your pick of two dates for this 45 minute info session.

Download Program Overview

For even more details on us, the program, learning outcomes, who can apply, our approach and pricing download our Program Overview and then let's connect.

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