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Fluency is a leadership + team development and coaching company. We build future-ready, human-centric leaders who forge high performing teams, fuel positive cultures, and deliver extraordinary results. We specialize in working with leaders, teams and individuals in communications, marketing and the creative industries.

Fluency was founded in 2020 by long-time colleagues and collaborators Catherine Ducharme and Colin Macrae. We’ve been running on the same track in different lanes as career communicators, entrepreneurs, and leaders for more than two decades. In the pursuit of our higher purpose, we each made the shift into the leadership and coaching space in the latest chapter of our careers. As the founders of Fluency, we are finally running on the same track and the same lane. 

Our leadership experience is deep and lived. We’ve built and led communications, marketing and creative teams, in complex organizations and at global scale. We’ve dealt with the struggles, had the tough conversations, built high-performance teams, and enabled others to learn and grow. And we continue to grow. We know leadership is hard and ever changing, especially these days. We believe, more than ever, that future-ready, human-centric leaders are needed. At the core of our practice is our deep empathy for and connection to the leaders we work with. We feel privileged to support and equip these colleagues for this journey.   

We partner with leaders, teams and organizations across a wide spectrum of industries. We bring a collaborative, curious, and human-first approach to learning and our work is designed to unlock leadership capacity, team performance, personal growth, and deliver results.

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