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Fluency’s workshops are designed to help leaders become more effective, intentional and inspirational, and to help teams become more cohesive, relational and productive. The workshops we offer are scalable and modular and can be designed to address your needs and budgets. They are also delivered online or in person.   

We believe real learning happens through demonstrations, discussion, practice, and powerful questions. We encourage real-play not role-play, and we ensure you leave with usable takeaways and practical know-hows that you can integrate and put in action right away. 


Results Through Relationships   

This team-building workshop explores a set of Relationship Awareness tools that helps teams understand motive-based behaviours at both the personal and team level. It uses the scientifically validated Corestrengths™ SDI 2.0 Assessment.  (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

The Pathway to Self-Leadership  

This workshop explores how we become leaders from the inside out by understanding and building self-awareness, self-management, self-confidence and self-development. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

Building a Cohesive High Performing Team   

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team model, this workshop explores the five foundational elements of what it takes to build and be a high-performance team. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  



The Coach Leader: How a Coaching Approach Builds Teams and Future Leaders 

Coaching is the leadership superpower of the future. This introduction to coaching skills will equip leaders to unlock the potential of others and get the best out of their team.  (Leaders). Workshop Overview  

The New Language of Leadership  

Leading in today’s uncertain and tumultuous environment requires new skills and mindsets. This workshop examines the five fluencies that will help you become a future-ready leader. (Leaders). Workshop Overview  

Five Attributes of an Inspiring Leader  

Explore the five game-changing attributes that leaders can cultivate to help people learn, grow, engage and deliver results. (Leaders). Workshop Overview 



How to Build Trusting Relationships 

Trust is foundational to all relationships and how teams perform and deliver results. This session uncovers what leaders and teams can do to build and sustain trust.  (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

Accelerating Growth: Giving and Receiving Feedback  

Feedback is information that can help us grow and learn, yet we struggle to give and receive it. This workshop reframes feedback and offers tools to help us improve giving and receiving feedback. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

Courageous Conversations  

One of the hardest parts of leadership is having courageous conversations. This workshop examines what stops us from having these important conversations and provides a framework to have them with confidence.  (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

Bringing Leadership to Life Through Effective Communications  

It is the quality of communication that connects us and provides forward momentum and results. This session uncovers what effective communication looks like in an uncertain and distributed world. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

The 4 Ps of Presenting  

Being a confident presenter is a differentiator and an increasingly important leadership attribute. Learn how embracing purpose, preparation, practice and performance can change your game. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

The Power of Key Messages and Storytelling  

This workshop provides a model and framework to help you communicate with clarity using key messages and compelling stories that captures minds, hearts and commitment. (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

How to Think Strategically  

This workshop helps you to define what good strategic thinking looks like for your team and provides insights, tools and reframes to develop and grow the team’s strategic thinking muscles.  (Leaders & Teams). Workshop Overview  

You can view an overview of all Fluency Workshops here. 

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