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We believe the superpower of leadership for this millennium is the coaching mindset. Leaders who operate as coaches are game changers who have the potential to create the highest levels of performance, capacity, development and fulfillment for their teams, their organizations, and themselves.

Leaders who coach simply outperform those that don’t. They are known for growing future-ready leaders and teams that stand apart. Using intentional listening, curiosity and agenda-free open questions that help people tap their inner resources, leaders who coach gain the capacity and skills to:

  • Establish team security and safety.
  • Build team confidence.
  • Unlock better performance.
  • Uncover and seize hidden opportunities.
  • Create cultures of accountability.
  • Engage in crucial conversations.
Leader Coach Training Program

Duration: 3 to 12 hours (scalable)

What would you accomplish if you could get the best out of yourself and the people you lead?

As the work world shifts underneath us at unprecedented pace, leaders must lead remotely and adapt to massive change, along with ever-changing expectations. More than ever, leaders need their people to be more independent, self-reliant and self-motivated. And people need their leaders to empower them and hold them capable to solve problems and discover new learnings. This can be best achieved when leaders adopt a coaching mindset, using active listening skills, natural curiosity, and powerful questions instead of commanding, telling and solving.

Learn how to shift from leading by telling to leading through coaching and experience the benefits a ‘coach approach’. This training program introduces your leaders to the principles of the Coaching Mindset and why it works, and equips them with practical, actionable techniques to unlock the potential within their teams. Material is light on lecture and heavy on practice, demonstration and discussion.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the case for coaching and why it will be a superpower skill for leaders.
  • Clarity on what coaching is and isn’t.
  • Illustrate how a coach approach fuels learning in others to create independent thinkers and future leaders.
  • See how coaching differs from a typical conversation.
  • Clarity on what makes a powerful coaching questions.
  • How to put coaching skills into practice right away.

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