Team Coaching

Team Coaching – Opening Conversations and Building Trust

Becoming a high performing team doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a level of mutual accountability and joint performance.

Team Coaching is designed for teams that want to accelerate achieving collective goals. Coaching within a team boosts awareness, increases alignment, promotes accountability and ignites action. Our coaches facilitate critical and courageous conversations that help teams sharpen their focus, improve internal and external relationships, and maximize collective talents.

Team Coaching can also involve facilitated conversations around the current challenges such as dealing with uncertainty and change as a team, the challenges of remote working, and exploring what teams need from their leaders and each other.

Using a non-directive approach, intentional listening, curiosity and agenda-free open questions, a coach supports, guides and challenges teams to maximize their potential and collectively generate powerful solutions and declarative decisions.

Team coaching can be integrated into learning and development programs or combined with 1-1 coaching for each team member.

Program Overview:

  • Up to a maximum of six team members.
  • 90 minutes per session.
  • We will work with you to tailor the timing, content and focus of the team coaching sessions.

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