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Our leadership topics inspire self-reflection, motivation, courage and action in leaders who want to lead with purpose, curiosity and compassion.

We deliver keynotes, workshops, webinars, panel presentations and guided conversations. Both Colin Macrae and Catherine Ducharme have spoken to large conference groups and smaller teams, both in-person and online.

Here’s a selection of our current topics and thought leadership:

Lead The Future Through The New Language of Leadership

Leading in today’s uncertain and tumultuous environment requires new skills and new mindsets. We explore the five fluencies that will help you become a future-ready leader. 

Five Attributes of an Inspiring Leader

We dive into the five game-changing attributes that leaders can cultivate to help people learn, grow, engage and deliver results.   

Designing Your Life

This session explores how we can we take a design-based approach and build our way forward in our work and our lives during a time of uncertainty. This session is based on the #1 New York Times Best Seller, Designing Your Life, by authors Dave Evans and Bill Burnett 

How a Coaching Mindset Builds Resilient Teams and Future Leaders

This session explains why coaching is leadership superpower of the future, and how leaders who build these skills can unlock the potential of others and get the best out of their team. 

Eight Leadership Lessons From Ted Lasso

Whether or not you’ve seen the show Ted Lasso, the eight leaderships skills we’ve harvested from the show are timeless, important, and demonstrate leadership at its finest.

Bringing Leadership To Life Through Effective Communications

It is the quality of the communication that connectus and provides forward momentum and results. This explores how leaders now need to communicate in an uncertain and distributed world.

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