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One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching –
Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

Why Coaching?      

If you want to strengthen your leadership, get to the next level, face your challenges, get unstuck or put ideas into action, coaching can be the unlock you are looking for. A coach is a third-party thinking partner that helps you move from where you are to where you want to be.   

Coaching helps you overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, understand the impact you want to make and empowers you to chart your own path to excellence. It draws out strengths, opens possibilities and offers re-frames to challenge thought distortions and self-beliefs that may be holding you back.   

When Coaching?  

Coaching is useful at any point in your career. There are times when it may be particularly important.  Here’s some coaching “moments” to consider:   

  • Coaching to Clarity – when you need to gain clarity, perspective or plan your way forward as a leader. 
  • Starting Strong – when you’ve been elevated to a leadership role within an organization or are joining a new organization in a new role. 
  • Next Chapter – when you are outplaced and/or are seeking your next opportunity or exploring career reinvention and reimagination. 
  • Stepping Up – when you’ve been identified as a high-potential leader or have been nominated as a successor for a senior leadership role. 
  • In Your Corner – when  you see the value of an ongoing third-party thinking partner to support your leadership journey and personal growth.  

Our Coaching Approach     

Our coaching is confidential and non-directive, supported by advocacy and wisdom. We use intentional listening, curiosity, observation and agenda-free open questions to guide the conversation, help you find solutions and co-create new possibilities in support of your goals. While we do not dispense advice or tell you what actions to take, we do recognize that coaching is a dialogue and an exchange of thoughts and emotions, where offering our insights, frameworks and reflections maybe a helpful unlock for you.   

Coaching Packages   

We offer 3-month, 6-month and 12-month coaching packages with opportunities to bundle assessments that increase your self-awareness and give you feedback on your leadership style.  

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