One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching –
Achieving Personal and Professional Goals

In times of uncertainty, change or career growth, a coach is a powerful ally in helping you achieve clarity and forge a path forward. Coaches help draw out strengths, broaden the horizon of possibilities, and challenge thoughts and self-beliefs in a non-directive way.

Using intentional listening, curiosity and agenda-free open questions, a coach supports, guides and challenges people and teams to maximize their potential. By helping people tap into their own inner resources, coaches fuel individual learning that leads to a powerful and personal generation of solutions and decisions.

We offer three coaching programs:

Coaching to Clarity
Coaching to Clarity

For people pursuing professional/personal goals and career growth.

Starting Strong

For people who have been elevated to a leadership role within an organization, or people joining a new organization in a new role.

Next Chapter

For people who are outplaced and/or are seeking the next opportunity that will provide them with new opportunity, challenge and purpose.

If you want to gain clarity or insight, face your challenges, or put ideas into action, partnering with a professional, accredited coach could be just what you need. This program is ideal if you are looking to up your game, drive your professional and personal goals forward, and empower yourself to make a difference and chart your own path to excellence.

An unbiased thinking partner can help you in so many ways:

  • Tackling and focusing on a specific growth area/challenge.
  • Relational challenges and conflict.
  • Establishing goals and action plans.
  • Defining and developing your leadership presence.
  • Aligning personal and professional goals.
  • Growing leadership confidence and influence.
  • Improving self-compassion and empathy.
  • Increasing awareness of perspectives, self-limiting beliefs, and blockers that may be holding you back.
  • Improving your ability to have critical conversations.
  • Recapturing focus, working smarter and boosting productivity.
  • Harnessing the power of a team.
Our Coaching Packages

6 session package delivered over 90 days
Completion of the CoreStrengths® SDI Assessment.
Onboarding and goal setting.
One 90-minute kick-off session and assessment debrief.
Five 60-minute coaching sessions.

12 session package delivered over 180 days
Completion of the CoreStrengths® SDI Assessment.
Onboarding and goal setting.
One 90-minute kick-off session and assessment debrief.
Eleven 60-minute coaching sessions.

24 session package delivered over one year
Completion of the Corestrengths® SDI Assessment.
Onboarding and goal setting.
One 90-minute kick-off session and assessment debrief.
Twenty-three 60-minute coaching sessions.

We can also tailor hourly coaching or customized packages to match your requirements.

Your impact on an organization is often shaped in the first days or weeks of starting your new role. It’s important to show up well for your new leaders, peers and team. But navigating a new role, team, culture and organization isn’t easy. There’s uncertainty, knowledge gaps, new relationships to build, unfamiliar processes to learn, and priorities to set. And while you’ve earned the role and have the confidence of the people who hired or promoted you, a new role can be the trigger for self-limiting beliefs, self-doubt or imposter syndrome.

Coaching can help you adopt the required mindset to maximize your integration into the team and accelerate contribution to the organization. An unbiased thinking partner can quickly integrate you into a new company culture to:

  • Absorb all you can about your new surroundings, people and responsibilities.
  • Help you show up well for your new leaders, peers and team members, as performance is under keen observation during those crucial initial weeks.
  • Adopt the required mindset to maximize your first 100 days.
  • Get clear on your mandate, roles and required results.
  • Identify your top priorities and strategy to tackle.
  • Secure quick momentum and early wins.

Starting Strong Coaching is offered in a 6-session package or a 12-session package.

There are times in our career when we find ourselves at crossroad asking important questions: What now? What’s next? How do I advance my career? What do I really want to do? What’s my purpose? Where are the opportunities? How do I find meaning in my work?

We may feel stuck, aimless and open to change, but we aren’t sure what the change should be or how to even start. Embarking a self-awareness journey with an unbiased coach and thinking partner to identify your passion and purpose might be just the thing you need.

Throughout this journey, we lean into our experience in the Designing Your Life framework and toolset to:

  • Use design-based thinking to help you map the discovery journey and see all the available opportunities.
  • Work with you to help you tap into your strengths, energy, experience and motivations.
  • Help you open up options and begin to rapidly prototype new ideas.
  • Reframe barriers and challenges to help you see things differently.

Next Chapter Coaching is offered in a 6-session package or 12-session package.

Our Next Chapter Coaching Program is also an outplacement option for people who want flexibility in how they direct their next career change.

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