The Leaders Journey

Building Future-Ready, Human-Centric Leaders

If ever there was a time for leaders to show up and navigate their teams and organizations through this new blended, distributed and tumultuous reality, this is it.

If ever there was a time for leaders to be inspiring, understanding, curious and human-first, this is it.

Leaders who inspire and connect are leaders who forge high-performing teams, fuel positive cultures and deliver extraordinary results. In fact, top performing leaders deliver up to six times higher returns than lower performing leaders.

We know that results come from working skilfully with intention and focus. We also know teams that journey together and learn through discussion, demonstration, practice, and application reap the benefits stronger and trusting working relationships, increased alignment, and results-focused clarity.

The Leaders Journey

The Leader’s Journey, Fluency’s flagship leadership program, takes your team on an immersive interactive leadership trek of self-discovery, fluency building, and practical application.

Our integrated approach extends learning through practice, drives accountability, and accelerates with one-to-one coaching support to ensure learning is applied today, tomorrow, and into the future.

The Leaders Journey has three phases:

  1. Self-Leadership – awareness about your style, strengths, motivations and value-add to the team.
  2. Fluency Building – learning ‘The New Language of Leadership’ and other essential skills.
  3. Execution and Performance – practical application and experiential, project-based learning.

The program also provides fully supported individual and team coaching journeys that solidify and ground learning and self-reflections.

Core Fluencies

The program provides a grounding in the New Languages of Leadership:

  • Leading with a Coach Mindset
  • Operating with Clarity when Uncertainty is Pervasive
  • Communicating in a Distributed World
  • Increasing your Professional Pliability
  • Building Empathy, Trust and Connection

As part of the program, we also offer additional skill-building modules that
can be selected to fit your team’s unique needs:

  • Building Cohesive, High Performing Teams
  • How to Delegate Effectively
  • Inspiring Innovation and Creativity
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Accountability


The Leaders Journey is suitable for current and emerging internal leadership teams who want to journey and learn together.

The Leaders Journey is also offered as a multi-disciplinary cohort experience where leaders from various organizations come together to learn together. Maximum team size is 12 people. We invite applications for this program 2x/year. If you would like to be sent a notification, contact us at

Duration and Timing

The Leaders Journey is a modular program with 48 hours of instruction delivered over 12 months or 24 months online or in-person.

In addition to the 48 hours of learning, the program also includes four 90-minute team coaching sessions as well as six one-hour individual coaching sessions for each participant.

Download Leaders Journey Overview for a more comprehensive description.

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