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We combine our leadership and coaching insights with decades of senior-level marketing and communications experience to offer a selection of critical consulting services designed to support, broaden or complement your leadership, team development and coaching efforts. We help leadership teams build strong teams, show up with presence and clarity of message, and articulate their desired future through the power of communications and thoughtful team design and planning.    

Team Design 
We have years of experience and insight to help you architect your marketing and communications team so that it is resilient, purposeful and has future opportunity. Creating the optimal structure of your marketing and communications team is the pathway to maximize your efforts, optimize your content, encourage collaboration, and create fulfilling careers for your people.   

Team Evaluation, Development and Succession Planning
These days if people aren’t learning, they are leaving. Yet development plans, if they exist, are often ad hoc rather than intentional. We work with leaders to objectively assess team members based on performance and potential, and co-create development plans that help them fully step into current and future roles 

Executive Presence & Communications
Our new blended, distributed workplace challenges leaders to lead at a distance and develop their own brand presence through multiple channels. We help leaders show up with a well-balanced combination of confidence, enthusiasm, humility, predictability, clarity and curiosity and the right tone-setting energy.  

Presentation Training 
The ability to present persuasively with confidence and clarity has always been a leadership imperative, but never more than today as leaders lead from a distance. We work with you to bring your presentation style and content to life in ways that engages and motivates audiences.  

Messaging Vision and Values 
A clear and compelling vision, backed by strong values that are articulated, lived and measured, forms the foundation of a functional organizational culture. We help you articulate a resonant and meaningful vision that attracts, inspires, galvanizes your people and brings your values to life.     

Leadership Team Branding 
While we all have different leadership styles, our values and actions must be aligned, consistent, purposeful and lived as we drive our teams and organizations forward. Using traditional branding models and marketing frameworks, we work with leadership teams to help define and articulate a brand and vision of what great leadership looks like within your organization.   

Facilitation Services 
Whether envisioning a new strategic plan, getting input and alignment with your team, seeking insights from stakeholders, prioritizing initiatives, driving to decisions, or sparking conversations, our coach approach to facilitation will get you where you want to go in a way that ignites meaningful participation and engagement.   

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