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Building Community Through Leaders Collectives    

Fluency formed our Leaders Collectives as a response to the COVID pandemic.  Leadership is hard at the best of times, and we recognized it was particularly tough to go it alone in a time of massive change and pervasive uncertainty. We wanted to create a safe, confidential and collaborative space for peer leaders to connect, build their way forward, test and share their ideas, swap experiences, and learn together through facilitated coaching discussions. Today, they are growing and getting stronger.  

To date, our Collectives involve senior leaders in the following crafts:  

  • Communications 
  • Marketing  
  • Coaching  

If you are a Senior Communications or Marketing Leader who would like to be part of a Collective, reach out to us.  If you like the idea establishing Internal Leader Collectives to encourage peer learning through facilitated conversations, you can also connect with us.  

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