Leaders Collectives – Iron Sharpens Iron

In medieval times, Guilds played an important role in towns as they set standards for their craft and collective learning. Membership in a Guild was an honour, as it attested to your skill in a particular area. Modern-day Guilds, whether they be in gaming or in creative fields, bring people together to work collaboratively toward a common purpose. Guilds are about learning together and growing from each other’s successes and failures.

At Fluency, we call our Guilds “Collectives”. We formed the Leaders Collectives as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the volatile, uncertain world we all found ourselves in. It is hard to go it alone and we felt this time of uncertainty and disruption created an opportunity to bring together professionals who are keen to grow, connect, collaborate and learn from their peers through facilitated coach discussions.

The Leaders Collectives create a safe, confidential and collaborative space for leaders to build their way forward and test and share their ideas and learning. We meet once a month online. To date, our Collectives involve senior leaders in the Communications and Marketing crafts. We have also initiated a Coaching Collective for the growing community of Leader Coaches and emerging Certified Coaches we’ve built to keep learning the craft and sharpen our skills.

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