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Self-awareness is a fundamental leadership attribute. The more we know ourselves, our strengths, our growth areas and blind spots, the better we can learn, lead and grow. We offer assessments that provide insights into your strengths, motivations and your relationships with others.

Rather than focusing on WHAT we do, the award-winning, scientifically validated SDI® 2.0 assessment helps us understand WHY we behave and HOW we relate to each other. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important to you and to the people around you and how you can work more effectively.   

The assessment, combined with Fluency’s engaging Results Through Relationships team training program (which is powered by the CoreStrengths® platform) provides teams with insights into themselves and their team members as well as a common language and tools for better interactions and outcomes. We also use the SDI 2.0 assessment as an embedded element of our coaching programs.

Catherine Ducharme is a Certified CoreStrengths® Facilitator.

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How does the SDI 2.0 assessment compare to other assessments?  

We are often asked this question. The short answer is unlike many other tools that help you understand yourself, this tool helps you understand yourself in the context of others. The underlying theories are based on relationships not individuals. Want more information? Access the Core Strengths Comparison guide here

The LVI 360 is designed to increase the versatility of leaders– as well as organizations. It gets past the superficial question of what a leader does “good or bad.” Through a full 360-degree feedback process informed by a full circle of a leader’s stakeholders, it focuses on what specific adjustments they could make to be even more effective right now.

The LVI is built around a patented Too Little / Too Much rating scale. Using this scale, the leader, working with their coach, can quickly distinguish their strengths from their strengths overused — as well as those areas they need to strengthen further to be more effective. These insights empower leaders to create a development plan for expanding their versatility and elevating their impact.

After reviewing their LVI report, we work collaboratively with the leader to create an integrated development plan. The approach to leadership development behind the LVI has been road tested and refined in over 40 years of intensive, one-on-one, deep-dive practice helping thousands of leaders become more versatile.

Colin Macrae is a Certified LVI 360 Facilitator, and twice completed the LVI 360 process as part of his leadership development with Electronic Arts.

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