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Our Approach

these are the guiding principles Fluency uses to grow leaders and teams

Coach Approach
Coach Approach

We believe in real-play, not role-play. We focus on inquiry and discussion, and that makes our programs adaptive and agile.  We assume participants are fully capable of personal development, and we leverage their existing knowledge and experience. The lecture is light because real learning happens through demonstrations, discussion and practice.

Integrated not Isolated
Integrated not Isolated

One learning session won’t shift behaviour or make change stick. To be effective and valuable, learning needs to go beyond the session and into the workplace. Our integrated approach extends learning through practice, accountability and 1:1 coaching support ensuring learning is put to use today, tomorrow, next week and into the future. We also fully support program participants through individual coaching journeys that solidify and ground their learning and self-reflections.

Learning Together
Learning Together is Better

Groups that learn together through discussion, demonstration, practice, and application are stronger. They grow together through trusting relationships, learning from each other, and advancing their collective knowledge as a team. Our programs are socialized and human-centred where the affirming process of team learning is core, and diverse perspectives and experiences benefit everyone. We coach to people, not rooms or screens.

Tracked to Outcomes
Meaningful Results

You need impact and value. We start with understanding what change you need to make, and work with you to establish measurable and meaningful outcomes against your KPIs. We understand effective learning that shifts mindset and behaviours has a multiplying effect and stands the test of time. We do multiple check-ins, mid-program assessments and surveys, and have ongoing conversations to ensure we are on track, making progress, and driving toward the results you want.

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