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The Coaching Mindset

Coaching Mindset
The leadership superpower for the next generation of leaders 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be double-clicking on the five Fluencies that create the connected framework for The New Language of Leadership. Today, we’ll point the mouse at the Coaching Mindset. 

Why are we starting with Coaching Mindset? Somewhat selfishly, it’s because it is at the heart of our company. It’s who we are, and it drives our higher purpose. We can’t authentically tell you the rest of the story about thNew Language of Leadership unless we start here. 

But more importantthe Coaching Mindset is at the heart of the future of leadership. It’s at the heart of how a human-centric leader builds their way forward, and galvanizes and works in service of their people. We believe it is the leadership superpower for the next generation of leaders.  

This uncertain world continues to run at unprecedented pace. Leaders are challenged more than ever to show up differently and build teams that are resilient in the face of unrelenting change.  

How do they do that? 

Leaders must let go of the belief their role is to tell people what to do, have all the answers, and solve problems for their people.  

Because it’s impossible. It always was, but never more so than now. There’s no single heroic leader that can drive all the complexity of decision-making and execution from the top down. If there were some leaders hanging on to this rope in recent months, then they’ve likely lost their grip. Or they’ve lost their people. 

That approach is not (and never was) in service of the people they work with and lead. The era of Tellership is definitively over. And now, we have the unique opportunity to embrace leadership for the future which is grounded in the Coaching Mindset. 

At its essence, it’s a collaborative approach where leaders empower, develop and trust people to think through challenges, find their own solutions, own their decisions and take them forward. These solutions are fuelled with the momentum that comes from this self-discovery. 

It’s a world that has a different view of great leadership. A world that is guided by asking open questions, natural curiosity and being a thought-partner to those you work with. A world where leaders provide a completely safe and empathetic environment for people to be seen and heard, so they can learn and grow.  

“When well coached, people will solve their own problems, seize their own opportunities and chart their own futures.” 

Gregg Thompson, The Master Coach 


The future of business depends on the development of people. Leaning into the Coaching Mindset, leaders can bring a curious, compassionate and honest approach that unlocks the learning, potential, capacity, resilience within people. Just as important, a Coaching Mindset creates trust…the glue of life.  It’s the most essential ingredient and the foundational principle that holds all relationships together, in work and in life. 

But How Does The Coaching Mindset Work 

Beyond being in service of other people from an altruistic perspective, the neuroscience behind why coaching works is well known and rigourous. Our brains (and the people that carry these brains around) learn by solving our own problems and by self-generating solutions. When we come to our own ‘aha’ moments, our brain is deluged with good chemicals It’s a rush of feelings (like a runners high) that make us feel and drives our motivation to do better: 

  • Our sense of status goes up. 
  • We have a sense of increased autonomy and certainty.  
  • We get a lift from the dopamine and we’re quicker to take action.  
  • We form new neural connections and pathways that stick for good.
  • We learn. 

Leaders who coach can change the trajectory of individuals and companies. They create environments where ownership is exhibited at all levels and which foster climates of trust and open communication. They galvanize teams around a clear vision, meaningful goals, and a commitment to continual improvement. They cultivate teams of people who grow and contribute with an accelerated value and confidence, and are supercharged to transform into future leaders.   

One of the truths about being an accredited coach (like me and Catherine) is that you know you are always (and only) working in service of the person you are coaching. So if we pull this belief through to leaders in an organizational context, it still holds. The greatest leaders are working day in and day out in service of their teams and their people. The servant leader in action, nurturing a deep and passionate belief that people have the potential for greatness.  

To be better leaders, we can choose to embrace the Coaching Mindset and resist the temptation and muscle memory to tell and give advice. Instead, we can choose to have the courage to ask questions and empower our people and teams to solve the problems and resolve the challenges that they are fully capable of doing. 

Here are some coaching questions for you to consider as you think about what the Coaching Mindset could bring to your leadership: 

What are you naturally curious about within the people in your team that you have never explored or asked? 

How hard would it be for you as a leader to shift your mindset from telling and solving to asking and trusting? 

What would having a team that could solve more of their own challenges do for you? What would it do for the people you lead? 

Are you curious about what a Coaching Mindset could bring to your leadership and team? Learn more about our Leader Coach Training or contact us at 

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